Safety is Our Priority

There are many risks in heavy construction. With an aggressive, industry-leading safety program, Hos Bros. works hard to minimize one area of risk-jobsite accidents and injuries. Safety is the core of everything we do. We not only have a safety program, we live it.

No job is worth more than the safety of our employees, partners and clients. And nobody works harder than Hos Bros. Construction to keep your job safe. An on-staff Safety and Risk Manager leads our efforts and keeps us up-to-date and in-compliance with safety regulations and laws. With our deep-seated culture of safety, every employee takes responsibility for safety, both on the job, on the road and even at home.

Hos’s commitment to safety is built into the company’s processes and is practiced and reinforced throughout the organization. Through careful planning, consistent training, and dedication from leadership, Hos actively prioritizes safety on a system-wide and day-to-day basis using a comprehensive safety program that includes:

At Hos Brothers safety is our Priority
  • Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace (with random testing)
  • Extensive New-Hire Orientation process.
  • Detailed pre-job planning procedures.
  • Comprehensive training for all Superintendents, Foremen and Leads.
  • Pre-Task planning for all site activities.
  • Employee “Stop Work” Authority, authorizing every employee to stop work when they detect a dangerous act or condition.
  • Safety Committee to ensure all trades can voice safety concerns and ideas.
  • Daily Jobsite Tailgate meetings.
  • Weekly site audits performed by management.
  • Extensive health and safety training for management and field employees.