The purpose of the Hos Bros. Construction, Inc. Online Safety Recognition Program is to identify and recognize employees who show a value for safety. 

At Hos Bros. Construction, Inc. working safely isn’t simply a slogan or a passing fad.  We truly believe in providing you with a safe place to work. An effective safety program requires more than management’s commitment to safety, it also requires employees’ commitment to safety.

When an employee starts working at Hos Bros. they agree to work safely and to report unsafe conditions.  We also encourage everyone to take responsibility for the safety of our coworkers.  Together we can work in an environment where nobody gets hurt.  Remember, no job is so important that it is worth injuring an employee to get it done!

Our recognition program involves the awarding of points that participants can redeem for branded merchandise from the online catalog of items located on our safety website.


To register and use this program you must be an active field employee at Hos Bros. For questions or assistance with the website and point redemption, please contact the main office at 425-481-5569.

This program recognizes all field employees who work injury free.  Each month, employees will earn one point per hour that they work without an injury.  In addition, if the jobs they worked on were injury free that month, their points will be doubled.  

The Hos Bros. Construction Safety Recognition Program allows us to appreciate, respect and recognize each other’s contributions and efforts to keep a safe work environment for themselves and their team.