Philanthropic Activities
As part of the Puget Sound community, Hos Bros. Construction, Inc., believes we have a responsibility to balance our project commitments with the needs of others.

Santa Hos
Each year our Santa Hos program selects a charity that serves children at risk or in need. Our team shines as they plan and manage a Christmas event for the selected organization. We see this event as an opportunity to show children that they matter. It is also a fabulous way to directly connect ourselves to the future generations in our community.

Throughout the year, Hos Bros. employees generously contribute to the Santa Hos fund. Those donations are matched by the company owner and supplemented with generous donations from the vendors and subcontractors that we partner with. In the past 10 years, Santa Hos has spent more than $800,000 in the community. Each year we meet (and exceed) ever increasing goals.

Nourishing the Community and Ourselves
As part of the Santa Hos program, Hos Bros. Construction has supported the Maltby Foodbank by paying 100 percent of their rent for the past eight years. The fund also provides a pre-paid emergency grocery account to ensure that the foodbank can always provide meat and dairy products to nourish the children of the area when donations are low.

Golf Tournament
Over a number of years, Hos Bros. Construction, Inc. has been a strong supporter for cancer causes and research in memory of Hos employees who have faced courageous battles. Our annual golf tournament is a fund raiser for the Leukemia Society of Washington and Pancreatic Cancer Research. Through our golf tournaments, we have raised over $200,000 for Cancer Causes.